What We Do

There has been a seismic shift in how people with disabilities navigate workplaces, schools, courts, and their communities.

Are you looking for disability assessments, diversity and inclusion trainings, expert testimony, counseling or consulting? Adaptive Inclusion, LLC leads the way with nationwide disability services.

Our consulting firm was founded by Ashley B. Jacobson, a renowned disability advocate, attorney, and disability consulting specialist who has worked with the disability community for well over a decade. Ashley holds a master’s degree from Michigan State University’s #1 ranked rehabilitation counseling program (CRC), is a published writer on disability issues, and is frequently interviewed on disability inclusion, policing, discrimination, and accessibility.

In addition to her professional qualifications, Ashley lives with physical disability and deeply understands the barriers faced by the disabled. Her professional and personal insight creates a foundation of accessibility, empathy, and efficiency in everything we do. The diverse services offered through Adaptive Inclusion provide protection and awareness you cannot afford to go without in 2020 and beyond.

Who could benefit from Adaptive Inclusion?

Large and small businesses who knowingly, or more likely unknowingly, employ and serve individuals with disabilities.

Prevent disability discrimination, expand your workforce with qualified individuals previously missed by hirers due to unintentionally biased selection processes, and improve diversity and inclusion programs in your workforce. The future will be accessible, inclusive, and diverse–your business must be ready for it.

Attorneys, government agencies, leaders, and their clients

Courts were built to exclude people with disabilities. In fact, disability accessibility in legal processes were an after-thought. Prevent wrongful assessment of legal remedies, work abilities and readiness, wrongful arrests and convictions, and police brutality. Our services aim to appropriately address such issues and proactively prevent these wrongs from occurring in the future.

People with disabilities

The most important recipients of our services are individuals with disabilities (including chronic illness and other physical disabilities, hearing loss, vision disabilities, mental illness, cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, and neurodiverse individuals). Transition/college planning for people with disabilities, workplace readiness and accommodations assessments, educational accommodations assessments and IEP/504 review are just some of the services we offer.

Our Services

Diversity and Inclusion Trainings: ADA compliance assessments, workplace inclusion and diversity seminars, assessing and protecting workplaces through the delivery of disability rights, protecting the community with seminars on disability and policing

Assessments: Worker’s compensation, accommodations for schools and the workplace, assistive technology, IEP review, 504 review, and employment readiness

Expert testimony: on any legal case involving disability or a person with a disability

A video from Ashley’s advocacy YouTube Channel titled, “Making Your Workplace Accessible and Inclusive: Tip #1.” Video has captions.

Counseling: Individualized counseling services on disability-related topics including transition planning, college prep for people with disabilities, adapting to disability, self-advocacy training, assistive technology, accommodations, short-term and long-term goal setting with disability, long-term care planning, social training, health education services for students with disabilities, IEP review, 504 review

A video on every factor you should consider before disclosing your disability at work.

For more information, or to inquire about any services, please email contact@adaptiveinclusion.com or call 248-878-6940 today!